Are you ready to make an impact?

Hack It Better is a virtual hackathon where high school students can build a project for social good in just 24 hours.

Oct 3-4, 2020

Do you have innovative, creative skills you want to showcase? Hack It Better is an opportunity for students like you to use technology to make a positive difference. During the weekend you'll join a team, code a project, and give a quick pitch to our judges via YouTube. Join us to discuss, learn, and code for good!


Participants will have the opportunity to create projects based on their choice of three tracks.
Health Track
The integration of technology into the medical field will result in greater quality, efficiency, and reliability of services. We are challenging you to design solutions for the most pressing medical issues of today.
Community Track
Technology helps us identify and address issues of inequality and accessibility within our local and global communities. By choosing this track, you are creating a solution that benefits the people around you.
Environment Track
Technological solutions to environmental challenges are in everyone’s best interest. You can help make a greener future by decreasing pollution, deforestation, energy use, and much more.


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If you’re a student in high school, and you're age 18 or under, we’d love to have you!
Of course! We'll have workshops and other activities throughout the event, livestreamed on YouTube.
A hackathon is an event where participants use their knowledge and skills to create, develop, design, and pitch a solution for a particular problem over 24 hours. They’re not just open to coders, but to entrepreneurs, designers, and anyone who’s interested in working in a team to help with some of the world’s most pressing problems.
No matter your background, join us at Hack It Better to learn new skills and ideas at workshops, or with the people around you. You'll start by picking a team after talking with other students on Discord Then, your team will generate ideas, design and code a project based on one of the three tracks, and then finally record a 2 minute pitch for the judges. Throughout the event our YouTube channel will have fun workshops, educational workshops, and interviews with industry leaders.
There are no fees to attend Hack It Better.
Teams are formed of up to 4 people, but you may also work by yourself. Feel free to join our Discord server to find people that share your interests!
You can’t start creating anything before the hackathon begins; however, feel free to form a team and discuss what you’ll do over the 24 hours.
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